QBrt's Quake levels

Here are some Quake levels I made. Download at your own peril. This is not meant to be an extensive Quake site or anything. If you want more about Quake and Quake related stuff visit some links from my links page.

What to download How big is it What is it anyway
brt01q1.zip 106 kb This is the first Quake level i made. It is rather small (four rooms and a hallway), but it has a secret, two teleports and a silver key door in it. (and a lot of monsters). Downloaded 1825 times since 7 April 1999. screenshots
brt04q1.zip 180 kb The fourth level i made. A bit bigger than the first one, but not that big. Rather difficult if you can't find any of the secrets though. Downloaded 1377 times since 7 April 1999. screenshots
brt06q1.zip 399 kb The sixth Quake level i made. The toughest one, especially on hard-skill. Downloaded 1503 times since 7 April 1999. screenshots
brt07q1.zip 360 kb The seventh level i made. Downloaded 1246 times since 7 April 1999. screenshots
brt08q1.zip 591 kb The eight level. This one competes with fourth for being the best level i build so far (in my opinion). Downloaded 2081 times since 7 April 1999. screenshots
brt08hip.zip 591 kb This is the same level as above, but then for Hipnotic's Scourge of Armagon, mission pack no. 1. Downloaded 1241 times since 7 April 1999.

How to play these levels

  1. Make a directory in your Quake\id1\ directory called maps.
  2. Unzip the zip file into this directory.
  3. Start Quake.
  4. When in Quake hit the tilde (~) key (the key under the escape key and left of the 1 key on most keyboards). The console will appear.
  5. Type 'map mapname' (without the quotes) in the console where mapname is the name of the map you want to play. You don't have to type the extension.

Have fun!

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